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Great Reading This Past Week

Quite a few great reads to share with you this week. Let’s start with Jeff’s post at My Supercharged Life 25 Things Every Father Must Teach His Daughter About Life. I am a sucker for well created lists, and despite not being a financial one, this list will be added to my ongoing List of [...]

Dennis Kneale Recovery

Dennis, like you, I believe a recovery is underway. From what I can tell, Q1 was the bottom, and we will see a rolling recovery. You know what that is, but I should tell my readers that’s it’s when the whole economy doesn’t recover at once, some sectors come out of the slump a bit [...]

More signs of the bottom behind us

We are now over 28% above the March 9 bottom in the S&P, one of the best run ups since the depression. A bear rally? Maybe, but obviously, all data appears in hindsight, and only when that bottom is well behind us and we are obviously in a growth cycle, will it be clear. On [...]