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Super Freakonomics

I recently read and enjoyed Super Freakonomics. The book was a worthy sequel to its predecessor, of course, titled Freakonomics.  Unlike most other books I’ve read, it’s tough to put in a few words what the underlying theme of this book is. Instead, I’ll offer my take on a few of the anecdotes the book [...]

The New Trickle Down Economics?

Enjoy the weekend! Joe

Does iTunes violate Supply/Demand?

I recently heard that iTunes was planning to raise the price of some popular songs from $0.99 to $1.29, and at the same time, some less popular songs would be reduced to $0.69. Makes sense to me. But from techdirt, “Oddly, the LA Times article claims that the new pricing scheme is “true to supply-and-demand [...]

Sen John Barrasso Innumeracy

I received enough email asking why I picked on Obama for what may have been a slip of the tongue regarding distribution of income gains. I think that our elected officials, whoever they are, need to speak with precision and when it comes to numbers, be close enough to exhibit an understanding of what they [...]