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Are We Close to the Age of Solar?

When we look at where we were just a decade ago, Solar Power has come a long way. The little solar voltaic cells were enough to power a calculator, and I thought of it as saving me $5 every year or two for as long as owned it. In hindsight, it was less about the [...]

The Future of Nuclear Power

This past Saturday I reprinted a political cartoon that questioned the future of nuclear energy. I got two comments on it, citing the age of the reactors in Japan and implying that nuclear can be safe. Then I received a comment from regular reader and sometimes guest poster, Elle. It was long enough and thoughtful [...]

Lights Out For Nuclear?

The recent tragic situation in Japan may make us rethink just how safe nuclear is. Is the risk really worth it?

The Brightest Bulb

I was talking to someone who was considering using the VOIP (Voice Over IP) offered by their cable company. She was concerned about how much the modem would cost her to run. I came to realize that she was on a tight budget and was wondering how much it would add to her electric bill. [...]

Drill Baby Drill?

This disaster will haunt us for some time, I’m sure. This cartoon caught my eye, as it wasn’t too far back that “Drill, Baby, Drill” was the mantra. Joe

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