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Money Merge Account Analysis Pt 33

I’ve used the term Innumeracy here to describe the equivalent to numbers what illiteracy is to reading. However, I now seek a stronger word or phrase to describe the egregious claims I’ve run across. I’m leaning toward “numerical blasphemy,” but am open to suggestions. A Money Merge Account agent sent me a link to a [...]

Credit Karma

After Tuesday’s Credit Card Reform post, I received a number of emails asking how to get one’s credit score for free. I had written about this over a year ago, telling my readers how a WAMU (Washington Mutual) credit card offered free access to your credit score as a benefit. Sure enough, WAMU was taken [...]

Money Merge Account Analysis Pt 32

My regular readers will recognize this is a post regarding the Money Merge Account, an expensive mortgage accelerator I consider to be a scam. New readers should note, this was part of a series confined to a weekly Thursday post, and today this series ends as my intent is to provide a variety of articles [...]

Money Merge Account Analysis Pt 31

Last week, I hinted that it was time to move on, and this will be my last regular post regarding the Money Merge Account scam sold by UFirst agents. A few reasons. After 30 weeks of non-stop analysis, there’s simply not too much left to say. I believe I’ve covered most aspects of the (bad) [...]

Money Merge Account Analysis Pt 30

Part 30? Wow, it seems like yesterday that I started this series. The good news from where I sit is that UFF has a defector problem. You see, any MLM (multilevel marketing) sales requires a serious dedication to recruiting new salespeople. I guess it’s tough to sell a $3500 piece of software that has you [...]

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