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More on Estate Planning

Last week, in my New Year Goals post, I mentioned how in ’10 I wanted to get more exposure by guest posting among other approaches. I’m proud to tell you that I was invited to be a regular guest poster on the TurboTax blog, and my first guest post Estate Planning 101 was published this [...]

Estate Planning 101

In another guest post on Good Financial Cents, today I offer the first of a two part article on Estate Planning. In today’s installment, I discuss Wills, Beneficiaries, and Probate. Whatever your age, good estate planning is something you shouldn’t avoid, it’s the right thing to do to protect your family as well as the [...]

Why you need Insurance

http://www.google-analytics.com/urchin.js _uacct = "UA-3018666-1"; urchinTracker(); My earlier post, “Do I Need Insurance?” discussed the one example of the person for whom life insurance may not be needed. For the rest of us, married, with children, we may need insurance well beyond the time the kids leave for school. Let’s first take a step back and [...]