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The End of Estate Planning?

Not quite, but close to it for many taxpayers. As part of the American Taxpayer Relief Act (ATRA) of 2012, a benefit you may appreciate has been slipped in, a ‘permanent’ fix to the estate tax issue. First, here ‘permanent’ simply means a provision that has no sunset date, no automatic falling off the tax [...]

An Ice Cream Day Roundup

Is it National Ice Cream Day already? I’m still burning off the calories I ate last year at this time. Whether you’re a big fan or treating this like any other day, let’s get on with the roundup. I rediscovered a classic post from Jim at Bargaineering, 50 Financial Skills Every Person Needs To Know. [...]

Tax Cuts Extended

It appears that President Obama and the GOP agreed on Monday to extend the Bush tax cuts for the next two years. Included in the deal is the extension of the 15% rate on dividends and capital gains, an additional 13 months of jobless benefits, and a 2% employee payroll tax cut. (Payroll tax is [...]

A Rest in Peace, George, Roundup

This past week, one bit of news seemed to be more popular on the finance front than others, the news of the death of George Steinbrenner and the impact of the 2010 estate tax laws. Bible Money Matters discussed this in his No Estate Tax In 2010 Means George Steinbrenner’s Family And Others Will Save [...]

Another Thought on the Estate Tax

Sometimes, a reader’s comment will be so insightful that it’s a shame to let it get buried in a comment section many may not see.  This is such a comment, by my longtime reader Elle. She also shares her knowledge at the Usenet group misc.taxes.moderated where I am one of the mods. This ‘guest post’ [...]

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