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Paying your Credit Cards on Time?

I’ve written over the past months about the different factors that make up your credit score, and have referenced the site Credit Karma which provides a free scoring service that will help you monitor and improve your credit score. Today, let’s look at on time payments. This one is a no-brainer. It’s a highly weighted [...]

A Winning Season Roundup

  Let’s start this week with a recurring question -Does It Pay to Pay Off My Mortgage Early? Scott on Money addresses this question, offering discussion on what you should consider in making this decision. The Time Management Ninja offered up a great list of 50 Things You’re Putting Off That You’ll Regret Later. Some [...]

A Post President’s Day Roundup

Let’s start this week with Sustainable Life Blog’s Trade Borrow or Steal? An off-beat story of how the author’s office mates swap stuff. Elk meat, jam, beer, a whole lot of trading going on. Now, this may sound like bartering to the IRS,  but I wasn’t planning to tell. At Stupid Cents, a guest post [...]

How Old is Your Credit Card?

Last month I posted Too Little Debt, in which I discussed how a zero balance credit card bill is actually a negative to your credit score. Today, I’d like to offer another aspect of your credit score – the Average Age of Open Credit Lines. Here, longer is better. This is one criteria that I [...]

My FICO Update

As I mentioned last week, I’m in the midst of one more refinance. Today, the appraiser came, and looked around. Given that the loan to value is less than 35% on my guestimated value, I’m not too concerned. On the other hand, I’m always curious how accurate sites like Zillow are.  I don’t care so [...]

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