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Dear Citizens

No, not my fellow US Citizens, I mean Citizens bank. The bank that has my mortgage, equity line, and regular checking. When I found that my health plan qualified me to open an HSA (Health Savings Account) I was pleased to find that Citizens offered an HSA. Was pleased, as in “Is this really the [...]

A Complete Nonsense Roundup

Now and then it’s time to point out things that are just nonsensical. Today’s the day for a few. We start by recalling how the media and our president both used the word Rich when really what they meant was High Earners. No doubt, if a couple makes $400K a year, they are high earners, [...]

A Post Turkey ’13 Roundup

Tough to believe it’s December already. Thanksgiving is behind us, and 2014 right around the corner. No shortage of good reading this week – First, Pope Francis calls unfettered capitalism ‘tyranny’ and urges rich to share wealth. I like the new Pope. Nothing against the prior ones, but it seems Pope Francis is focusing on [...]

A Quadradical Roundup

Anyone that starts their article with the Quadratic Equation certainly gets my attention. And I’m sure that was The Financial Buff, Harry Sit’s goal with his post How Many People Contribute The Max to Their IRA. This was a roundup in its own right, and Harry shared what he read the prior week. At Generation [...]

A FinCon13 Roundup

With FinCon13 still fresh in my mind, please let me share my fellow blogger’s observation on this amazing conference. Most conferences will have some kind of SWAG. I had no idea this was an acronym, Stuff We All Get, and aren’t sure if that’s even right. But that’s what it is, and this year, there [...]

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