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The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report

In January, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission issued their final report, titled The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report. While I’d not want to ruin a good cliffhanger of an ending, the web site itself puts it conclusion on the front page: The Commission concluded that this crisis was avoidable—the result of human actions, inactions, and misjudgments. [...]

The Least of the SEC’s Issues

Although, maybe if they spent a bit less time surfing for porn, they might have had more time to do their jobs….. Joe

Lessons Learned?

Sad to say, our collective memory appears to be getting shorter, back to the same bad habits. Joe

The Formula That Killed Wall Street

This is the title of an article in Wired Magazine. Not a typical place to look for financial articles, but it came to my attention and I found it an interesting read. Turns out this is the formula (actually the proper word is “equation”): While the explanation of this equation is beyond the scope of [...]

Buffet – Hero or Opportunist?

Warren Buffet last week announced that he bought (through his company Berkshire Hathaway) $5 Billion worth of Goldman Sachs preferred stock which will yield 10%. Goldman can buy it back at any time at a 10% premium to its current value. Along with this deal Goldman threw in $5B in warrants to buy more shares [...]