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Horse Sense?

It seems that horsemeat has made it into the food supply of some restaurants in Europe. US Government officials have assured us that the US meat supply remains unaffected. Strange turn of events.

Good-Bye Food Pyramid

It seems the food pyramid has finally bit the dust for good. The government recommended high-carb diet along with high sugar and cereals probably did more to destroy the health of America as decades of medical research helped to bring us.

Farewell to 2008 (and good riddance)

This year was one for the record books to say the least. The market (as I track it by looking at the S&P index) was down just under 40% for the year. Too many causes to discuss in one post, Sub-Prime, Credit Default Swaps, price bubbles in both Food and energy, to name a few. [...]

Gas below $2

The talk of deflation, a general decrease in prices, is now becoming more common. Wasn't it just a few months back that we were worrying about inflation and its cousin stagflation? But, I think the new fears are a bit unfounded. Inflation is not simply defined as 'rising prices' but as 'too many dollars chasing [...]

BioFuel vs BioFood

On Feb 13th I posted Unintended Consequences III and talked about the conflict between crops used for food vs biofuels. I just found a New York Times article "A New, Global Oil Quandary: Costly Fuel Means Costly Calories" which discusses this topic and confirms my fears. Joe

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