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The Fraud Game: Checks Versus Card

A guest post today from Annie Harrington – Back in 2003 under a study conducted by the American Bankers Associates, some alarming data was presented. According to the study, check fraud was becoming an epidemic. Information found through the study suggested that more than 1.2 million fraudulent checks were being circulated throughout the United States. [...]

United States vs S&P

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder brought forward a lawsuit against S&P this week. The same S&P whose name is licensed for its stock index is also a rating agency. In theory, they are supposed to produce a rating that reflects the risk of a given bond defaulting. In reality, they were complicit in promoting a [...]

Rangel’s Ethics

The Honorable Charlie Rangel didn’t know that rental income is taxable? Or do our Congressfolk think the laws they pass just apply to everyone else? The IRS should audit them all. Every year.

Money Merge Accounts

My March feature article discusses Money Merge Accounts. This system came to my attention a few months back in the form of a question on a usenet newsgroup. Since then, I’ve gotten as much information as I’ve been able to uncover and am staying with my gut reaction, that if one has the money and [...]