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Super Freakonomics

I recently read and enjoyed Super Freakonomics. The book was a worthy sequel to its predecessor, of course, titled Freakonomics.  Unlike most other books I’ve read, it’s tough to put in a few words what the underlying theme of this book is. Instead, I’ll offer my take on a few of the anecdotes the book [...]

Using A Real Estate Broker?

This is a Money Mavens Network post, the first of many to come. This time, a number of the Mavens will be writing on the topic of using a Real Estate broker to sell your house. (We’ve not seen each others’ posts before publishing, so any similarities are purely from the category of “great minds [...]

The Logic of Life

I recently read “Logic of Life” by Tim Harford, and found it to be interesting reading. The subtitle, “The Rational Economics of an Irrational World” was exemplified by most of the anecdotes shared by the author. Publishers Weekly review offers “this book will be of great interest to Freakonomics and Blink fans as well as [...]


I wrote about The Law of Unintended Consequences in a post last week, and remarked, “I’d think the guys at Freakonomics would appreciate some of the times this becomes obvious.” Well, it’s either coincidence or someone there reading my blog and agreeing this is a law worth considering and observing its occurrence. A couple days [...]