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Frugal Friday Week 44

This is the accurate-pricing law of my state, your state may have a similar law – COMMONWEALTH OF MASSACHUSETTS OFFICE OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS AND BUSINESS REGULATION DIVISION OF STANDARDS IMPORTANT CONSUMER PRICING NOTICE PRICE ACCURACY GUARANTEE As required in 202 CMR 7.07 if there is a discrepancy between the advertised price, sticker price, scanner price, [...]

A 2013 Father’s Day Roundup

Len Penzo had an excellent post he first published two years ago, 9 Important Money Tips Every Dad Should Teach His Kids. A great way to start the Father’s Day festivities. Nice work Len. Letterman would be proud of you. Ninja explained why, “I might take out a $30,000 401k loan just to piss some [...]

Frugal Friday Week 42

I stopped to pick up a bottle of Malibu Rum, it’s coconut flavored and an ingredient in a punch we like to make now and then. I saw two sizes, 750ml and 1.75ml. You can see in the picture, it was $20 vs $32 (I round up a cent). The small bottle cost $26.67 per [...]

Frugal Friday Week 41

A minor shopping rant – “Shrinkage” To the store manager, shrinkage refers to loss of inventory due to theft. To the consumer, it’s the reduction in product size over the years. I love Friendly’s Ice Cream. Some flavors more than others, of course, with pistachio being my favorite. But when it’s not available Cookie Dough [...]

A Mega Potato Round Up

It’s that time of year again, graduation time. And that’s why today’s round up starts with The Most Important Piece of Financial Advice for College Graduates. I’m not going to spoil the punchline, but I will say, I agree with the article’s advise, and college grad or not, you’ll be a bit wiser for reading [...]

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