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The Limits of Frugality

A couple weeks back, in a roundup, I referenced Jim Wang’s Devil’s advocate: Being frugal is foolish. I pointed out to Jim that one can’t always turn their next hour of labor into money, that for many, this was a quick way to save cash. His reply, “but the risk of focusing too much on [...]

Frugal Friday Week 18

The eBay edition. When looking for ways to save, one thing to consider is purchasing on eBay. If you don’t already have an account, you can still search on the site to see the kind of savings you might find. Of course, you need to first be aware of the true value of the item [...]

Good Financial Reading This Week

Mike at Gather Little by Little posted 7 Quick Numbers To Fix Your Personal Financial Situation a list of 7 rules of thumb regarding your finances. They included my favorite, the Rule of 72, as well as some I might disagree with, such as the 100 minus your age should be your stock percentage in [...]

My Blog Reading This Week

The Bag Lady asks “Why not promote new home sales by burning down old homes?” Why not, indeed. She gives a decent explanation of how misguided the Cash For Clunkers Program really is, and her suggestion, while sarcastic, is a great analogy to what the government is having us do with our cars. Christian PF [...]

Posts from my Fellow PF Bloggers

Fiscal Geek made a Homemade Air Conditioner. Both frugal and practical, it came out of the combination of a heat wave and empty shelves at Home Depot where the air conditioners belong. Still on the subject of Frugality, Moolanomy posted a list of Best Free Essential Software For Windows. On the list, OpenOffice.org gets my [...]