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Gas and Jobs

There were many political cartoons this week that referenced the Tucson shooting. I think artists have a right to voice their opinions, I just didn’t find any appropriate. My prayers are with the victims and their families. Now, this one stuck out as I filled my gas tank and hit $50 again. Haven’t seen that [...]

Gas below $2

The talk of deflation, a general decrease in prices, is now becoming more common. Wasn’t it just a few months back that we were worrying about inflation and its cousin stagflation? But, I think the new fears are a bit unfounded. Inflation is not simply defined as ‘rising prices’ but as ‘too many dollars chasing [...]

A Painful Saturday Cartoon

From Mike Keefe at the Denver Post comes this gem; Enjoy the weekend, Joe

Another Cartoon Saturday

With all my discussion about Solar Energy and the rise in Gas prices, here’s a timely Mike Keefe cartoon from the Denver Post; Enjoy the weekend! Joe

Let the Sun Shine

I know, I am going to run out of Sun related puns and allusions pretty soon, but until then, I remain excited about the prospects of a solar powered world, and will continue to follow what I believe to be the most exciting innovation that we are continuing to ignore. The New York Times recently [...]