Jan 15

There were many political cartoons this week that referenced the Tucson shooting. I think artists have a right to voice their opinions, I just didn’t find any appropriate. My prayers are with the victims and their families.

Now, this one stuck out as I filled my gas tank and hit $50 again. Haven’t seen that in a while.


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Nov 24

The talk of deflation, a general decrease in prices, is now becoming more common. Wasn’t it just a few months back that we were worrying about inflation and its cousin stagflation? But, I think the new fears are a bit unfounded. Inflation is not simply defined as ‘rising prices’ but as ‘too many dollars chasing too few goods.’ In the case of deflation, it’s just the opposite, too little demand, and not enough cash to buy the goods offered. I think the mini-bubble we saw in gas prices rippled through the economy and added cost to everything, from food, to any goods tat contained a transportation component in their cost. Now that oil has dropped to a somewhat more reasonable level, gas following, that cost is being pulled out of all goods, thus the short term drop in both the Producer Price Index (PPI) and Consumer Price Index (CPI). Deflation? I doubt it.

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Aug 09

From Mike Keefe at the Denver Post comes this gem;

Enjoy the weekend,


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Jul 05

With all my discussion about Solar Energy and the rise in Gas prices, here’s a timely Mike Keefe cartoon from the Denver Post;

Ball and Chain

Enjoy the weekend!

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Mar 07

I know, I am going to run out of Sun related puns and allusions pretty soon, but until then, I remain excited about the prospects of a solar powered world, and will continue to follow what I believe to be the most exciting innovation that we are continuing to ignore.

The New York Times recently published an article, “Silicon Valley Starts to Turn Its Face to the Sun” in which they reference Moore’s Law and how since solar panels are made of silicon, we may continue to see Moore type leap in efficiency. I remarked last week that the recent run up in oil prices will only serve to push the demand for solar. The one concern I had on solar as a power source is that by definition, it’s not available 24 hours per day in every area. I was looking for a sign that storage (batteries) that would bridge the gaps (nighttime) in availability. A story just crossed the wire titled “Sharp to make solar power storage batteries” and that helped to boost my optimism that as the cost of solar continues to drop, we will have a new storage technology available.

I dream of the electric car that when charged has a range of 240 miles. I dream of charging stations at every rest area and gas station, with a simple metered system to draw power and bill your credit card. A half hour fast charge to get that 240 mile range would be ideal. Even the 240 range would cover 90% of people’s regular daily use, and would have enough range for an ideal second family car. The lower emissions would only be an extra perk in this scenario.


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