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Running on Fumes

Gas prices are nearing record territory again, and I have to say, those $50 bills to fill the tank are pretty tough. We’re not at $4 just yet but getting close.

Oil Keeping Inflation Down?

Let me repeat that: Oil Keeping Inflation Down? Yup, that’s what I am going to suggest. I think before I get to the oil impact, it’s important to discuss the word inflation. I recall in grad school courses defining inflation as “too much money chasing too few goods.” By that measure, do you observe that [...]

A Fear of Wealth Roundup

Another great week of reading. Let’s start with Financial Samurai’s The Importance Of A Permanent Tax Policy. Sam got it right. I made this observation as it related to the estate tax, but Sam takes it one step further, the changes, whether real or feared, bring the behavior that comes with such uncertainty. Both individuals [...]

Gas Heading Back Up

But – Are the speculators to blame?

A Painful Saturday Cartoon

From Mike Keefe at the Denver Post comes this gem; Enjoy the weekend, Joe

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