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A Shrinking GDP

4th quarter GDP shrunk by .1%. Are we heading toward another recession? Have we expanded our way out of the last one? A double dip recession can occur when the economy starts to shrink after only a quarter or two of growth. With two years of growth, even slow growth, behind us, a recession would [...]

Economy Picking Up Steam

Subject to revision, the Q3 GDP was up 2.0% as compared to the Q2 growth of 1.7%. The first revision will be published November 23, and a final number in December. While 2% is nothing to write home about, and certainly not the 5% number we saw in Q4 of last year, it’s still positive, [...]

More on the Recession

I just posted on Wednesday that we have been in recession a year already, and also noted that we’ve not seen two quarters of negative growth. The determination of whether we are in recession is a bit more complex than this simple two quarter rule, and this Q&A by the National Bureau of Economic Research [...]

In recession a year already

It would appear that the definition of recession is far more complex and more than “two quarters of negative GDP growth.” We found out last night that we are already 11 months into the current recession. This beautiful graphic (well hidden within the New York times website, so while I saw it easily on my [...]

Buy Now!

The Q3 GDP number came out last week and the GDP was negative by .3%. .3% wouldn’t seem so bad in normal times, but these times are far from normal. The economy is on very shaky ground and these are uncertain times. Now, Joe, you might tell me, no time is certain, and with that [...]

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