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Golden Troubles

The gold bugs are an interesting breed. They use misleading rhetoric such as “a storehouse of value” and other argumentum ad passiones to  convince you to buy. Those who caught any good part of the recent run-up from ’05 to ’12 sure are happy, but only if they sold. Buying gold at the wrong time can [...]

Knowing The Basics of Gold Investments

A Guest Post from Crystal – Gold Investments are traditionally considered a diversification of one’s asset portfolio and as protection from the risk of loss versus other investment options, although investing in gold can be a solid financial undertaking on its own. However, just like any financial decision, this calls for careful consideration and background [...]

NASA’s Golden Opportunity?

Universe Today broke the news that NASA (The US space agency) is planning to capture a 500 ton asteroid. That sounds big, but it’s only about 7 meters wide. The article came with an artist’s illustration of what this would look like. This would be a moderately interesting story, but unrelated to finance, right? Not [...]

The Craziest Gold Forecast

Gold is now at $1600 per ounce. I’ve stated before, I believe it’s in bubble territory but there are those who think gold is going higher, not just a bit higher, but to $57,000 per ounce. I don’t want to link to such forecasts,  just google ‘gold to $57,000’ and you’ll find a number of [...]

A Biflation Roundup

Let’s start this week off with DoughRoller’s article Is Dave Ramsey Right that Credit Cards are Evil? Both DR and I are of a similar mind, the blame assigned to card use is far overdone. There are pros and cons to everything, and Dave’s “all or none” approach isn’t for all of us. At Consumerism [...]

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