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The Next Depression Babies?

In “Disappointing Returns“, I discussed how the typical investor lags the market indexes by quite a bit. Another thought recently occurred to me, somewhat related. I suspect that a market return at the beginning of one’s investing life can create an expectation that will impact one’s choices for the rest of their days, creating a [...]

More on the Recession

I just posted on Wednesday that we have been in recession a year already, and also noted that we’ve not seen two quarters of negative growth. The determination of whether we are in recession is a bit more complex than this simple two quarter rule, and this Q&A by the National Bureau of Economic Research [...]

A Depressing Week

Between the market, and lack of sleep due to JaneTaxpayer 2.0 getting her braces and being uncomfortable, it’s been quite a week. The highlight of this week was being invited to offer a guest post at the Fraud Files blog on some of the math behind my pet peeve, the Money Merge Account. I received [...]