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More on Obamacare

It’s remarkable to me that a law intended to help people who seem to need it the most has turned into such a political football. It turns out that Jane and I are covered by insurance, we chip in a bit, our employer a bit, and there’s a convoluted system of deductibles and copays. We [...]

The State of Healthcare

In January last year, I posted an article “What’s wrong with the health care system?” in which I discussed how a friend has a procedure which the hospital charged $1200, but the insurance deemed it worth $200, so they paid $180 and the friend paid $20 as a co-pay. I recently received a reply from [...]

Health Care Reform

Hmm, seems like yesterday Hillary was taking a crack at this.

What’s wrong with the health care system?

I don’t know, but I can offer one strange symptom. A friend showed me the receipt from his HMO. He had gone for a test recommended when one passes age 50, and received the statement advising his copay. The bill from the hospital was $1200. The HMO allowed only $200, and so they paid the [...]