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A Christmas 2013 Roundup

This is the last roundup before Christmas, so it seems appropriate to stay with the theme of the holiday in my highlighted articles this week. With one exception – SEP IRA versus Solo 401(k)-Which is Better? This was the question Barbara Friedberg answered at her blog this week. An important question and timely for me [...]

Happy Independence Day 2012

I subscribe to the Rasmussen Reports web site, as I’m interested in following the polls in this election year. Rasmussen runs many surveys that are about the US, the nation’s views on many topics, including some which prompt me to scratch my head at the response. Yesterday’s headline from Rasmussen – 74% Know July Fourth [...]

A Wonderful Wall Street Life

It’s A Wonderful Life remains one of the best loved holiday films, and since its story line revolves around a potential bank failure, it’s also a top money-themed movie. So, with apologies to Burt and Ernie (the policeman and cabdriver in the film)  this week’s cartoon is a wink and nod to this classic. I [...]

Happy Labor Day

Read about “The History of Labor Day“, from non other than the Department of Labor. Have a safe and happy holiday. Joe