Dec 22

This is the last roundup before Christmas, so it seems appropriate to stay with the theme of the holiday in my highlighted articles this week.

With one exception – SEP IRA versus Solo 401(k)-Which is Better? This was the question Barbara Friedberg answered at her blog this week. An important question and timely for me as my freelance writing has picked up speed and I should take advantage of the tax benefits I can get by using these accounts. A nice write up on the different choices I’ll have.

Lazy Man wrote about Gift Cards: A Guaranteed 20% Return on Your Money? These deals are great if you can get them for stores or restaurants you already frequent. For example, Lazy Man buys his pet food at Petco, and when he found a 26% off deal on Petco gift cards, he was all over it. Nice discount.


At NarrowBridge Finance, John guest posted 4 Last Minute Christmas Ideas That Don’t Suck. I like his ‘homemade coupon’ idea – maybe giving a friend a free night of babysitting so he can enjoy a date night without needing a sitter. Check out the article for more ideas.


At One Cent At A Time, The Importance of Giving this Holiday. Giving is always important, but much giving tends to happen at year end. No matter when you choose to give, or how much you give, it’s a personal matter, not one that I’d get pushy about. My own priorities are reflected in the charities I focus on, listed to the right.


Your “Thoughtful” Gifts Are Suboptimal.  This was the theme at priceonomics this past week. An interesting, if not unusual view on how we choose gifts to give.


A guest post at Money Ning explained Why Americans Are Spending Less This Christmas. Unemployment and stagnant wages are part of the issue, no doubt. Have you pulled back on your gift list this year?

We’ll close this week with 6 Ways to Save on Holiday Get Togethers. You like a nice holiday get together, but the tab can be steep. Here are 6 great ideas how to trim the cost without trimming the fun.

And that’s a wrap this Holiday Season. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

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Jul 04

I subscribe to the Rasmussen Reports web site, as I’m interested in following the polls in this election year. Rasmussen runs many surveys that are about the US, the nation’s views on many topics, including some which prompt me to scratch my head at the response.

Yesterday’s headline from Rasmussen –

74% Know July Fourth Celebrates Adoption of the Declaration of Independence

Huh? One in four adults don’t know why we barbeque today? I asked Jane2.0 (my daughter, 13) “What do we celebrate today?” She replied “It’s Independence Day.” Ok. “What happened today, exactly?” “They signed the Declaration of Independence.” Whew. No flies on her. To be fair, the exact wording of the poll question was “Does the 4th of July celebrate the signing of the Declaration of Independence or the ratification of the U.S. Constitution?”

The constitution is important, but the Declaration of Independence is huge. I love this image. And I’m sorry it’s on a bill that’s not widely circulated. Years ago, I asked my bank to order me a bunch and they said they come 1000 at a time. They agreed to order a 1000 if I took 500. I’ve been spending them here and there ever since.

Since, by the laws of adverse selection, my readership isn’t random, I’ll assume that any US, Canadian, or Mexican readers already know what today is, and for the rest of the world, if you didn’t know, now you do.

Happy July 4th!


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Dec 25

It’s A Wonderful Life remains one of the best loved holiday films, and since its story line revolves around a potential bank failure, it’s also a top money-themed movie. So, with apologies to Burt and Ernie (the policeman and cabdriver in the film)  this week’s cartoon is a wink and nod to this classic.

I wish my readers a Merry Christmas, a safe and healthy holiday to all.


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Sep 01

Read about “The History of Labor Day“, from non other than the Department of Labor.

Have a safe and happy holiday.


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