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Summer Home Savings

A guest post by Ashley Spade – Nobody said owning a house would be cheap, but does it have to be so expensive? Everywhere you turn, there’s another expense lurking. You fix one thing, and something else breaks. There’s always something that needs to be tweaked or fine-tuned, and if there isn’t, a visitor will [...]

Time to Refinance?

Mortgage rates have dropped recently, to an average 5.5% fixed rate for a 30 year mortgage. While there’s talk of the treasury trying to arrange for a 4.5% rate, this rate is only for new home buyers, not refinances. On a $200K mortgage, this would only be a difference in payment of about $120, not [...]

Buying versus Renting

A while ago, the New York Times offered an interactive graphic, which allows you to enter all the variables you need to determine whether you come out ahead buying vs renting. You are able to enter the price for the house, rent of a similar house, down payment, interest rate on your mortgage, along with [...]

Changes in Home Prices

The New York Times offers an interactive page offering beautiful graphs of the change in home prices in different parts of the country. Clicking on the image above will take you to the Times’ site where you can view the changes in the region you wish. Joe

Where do you fit in?

There’s an attraction to the interactive sites suggesting you plug in your age, sex, etc, and see details related to your category peers. From CNN/Money I found; Yes, I am 45-54. The site also offers median net worth based on your income. Click on the image to be taken to the site to see where [...]

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