Nov 03

I’ve written about Evernote, the software that you run on your computers, phone, etc to keep track of your stuff. Whatever documents you want to be able to access from anywhere with search capability. One feature I struggled with was the ability to scan right into the application. I had seen ads for ScanSnap by Fujitsu that lets you do this, but as I already have an HP Officejet, I was hoping that I could set it up to scan into Evernote without having to copy, paste, or import. Now, success. For those who aren’t aware, I am on a late model Macintosh, an MDD Dual core G4 PowerMac to be more specific. The HP is an Officejet J6480, a model recently discontinued, but I’m sure the process would be similar on current models.

First, open HP device manager (search for it if it’s not within the HP folder among your applications), and go to the information and settings icon and choose Scan Preferences.

Next, enter Evernote into the destination name, browse to find the Evernote application, and choose JPEG as document format. Hit Finish, and you should be all set.


Now, when you press “Scan To” (toward the left on my printer, not shown here), the menu with offer you Evernote as a choice of destinations. You can now scan a document directly to Evernote without any additional steps.

Update – alternately, once you load Evernote as a destination you can use the HP Scan Pro utility to scan directly.


The advantage is that you can crop images or select exact passages on a sheet of paper to scan. Again, this method will load the scan directly to Evernote.

Let me know if this worked on your scanner, I’d like to track which models can use this advice.

Models so far – HP2610, J6480, C4480

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