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An Olympian Finance Roundup

No, I'm not writing about the games, I decided I like the summer games a bit better anyway. But, with less regular TV, I has a great week of blog reading. So, let's get going.... Trent at The Simple Dollar talked about When Living Cheap Catches Up With You. An interesting discussion of what happens [...]

A Financial Goodbye

A few weeks ago Mrs. Micah published a post discussing the financial list that you should create for those who leave behind, titled How to Save and Store Critical Financial Information For Your Family. Ever since I read that I've been thinking about her post as well as my own On my death, please take [...]

Frugal Friday Week 13

In my first Frugal Friday post three months back, I suggested the first step to take in you path to being frugal is a budgeting tip as well, namely, track all your spending, every cent. Now, a fellow blogger Chloe at Naturally Frugal asks her readers to take the challenge, and perhaps meet some like [...]

Inherited IRA rules and complications

Now that you've Taken a Breath, and are ready to roll over an IRA you inherited, there are a few important things you must know. Enough that I've written a full article, "Inheriting or Bequeathing an IRA" which I suggest you read. I believe the article highlights the importance of properly setting up one's IRA [...]

On my Death, Please, Take a Breath

I recently became aware of a situation that was pretty upsetting, even though it happened to someone I don't know and never met. A friend of a friend passed away and left her brother a sum of money in a trust. The brother, disabled, and not working, panicked, and took the money out. Now, when [...]