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Do you have an HSA?

When I worked for a large company, my wife and I enjoyed the use of a Flexible Spending Account, otherwise known as an FSA. This account allowed us to save up to $5000 pretax, and use it for medical expenses during the course of the year. Doctor copays, medicine copays, and expenses that our insurance [...]

Life Insurance: For Old Folks Only?

A Guest Post today from Crystal – Life insurance is little more than an afterthought for many young people. With their entire lives ahead of them, few if any responsibilities and minimal consideration of their own mortality, life insurance seems like little more than a way to waste money and not have fun because of [...]

A Muppet IPO Roundup

Another interesting week in the market and in the PF Blogosphere. We start this week with a post from Bargaineering, Your take: Is investing in IPOs smart, or strictly for muppets? My own answer? It depends on whether one gets IPO shares at the IPO price or if the price is the elevated price at [...]

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

I’ve seen enough murder mysteries for my gut reaction to be, “Enough so your family won’t need to sell the house, drop out of high school, and move to van down by the river; But not so much they are happy to see you in the casket, or worse, conspire to put you there.” While [...]

10 Cities With Most Expensive Auto Insurance rates

A Guest Post today from my friend Crystal – No-fault states often require that people purchase much more auto insurance than tort states, so it’s not a surprise that nine of the ten cities with the most expensive auto insurance rates are in two no-fault states. The following 10 cities have higher auto insurance rates [...]

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