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Which Certificate of Deposit Type is the Best?

A Guest Post Today – When trying to find which Certificate of Deposit (CD) is best for you, there’s really no right answer as to which one is the best. However, there are ones that may be more advantageous for you when compared to others. As it stands, more people continue to opt for the [...]

How Safe Are Your Life Savings from the Global Financial Crisis?

Today, a Guest Post by Kristy Ramirez – With the global financial crisis that our world is experiencing – beginning in 2008, and countries like Greece, Italy, the U.S. who are witnessing the collapse of their economic system, it’s no wonder we worry about where to put our hard earned cash.  What is safe anymore? [...]

A Roller Coaster Roundup

This was a wild week. The first four days brought us moves of over 50 points per day on the S&P. If we add up the point moves for each day, the S&P moved 243 points, although for the week it was only down 20.57 or 1.7%. Truth is, for most of us, the week [...]

Money Merge Account Analysis Pt 33

I’ve used the term Innumeracy here to describe the equivalent to numbers what illiteracy is to reading. However, I now seek a stronger word or phrase to describe the egregious claims I’ve run across. I’m leaning toward “numerical blasphemy,” but am open to suggestions. A Money Merge Account agent sent me a link to a [...]

Money Merge Account Analysis Pt 32

My regular readers will recognize this is a post regarding the Money Merge Account, an expensive mortgage accelerator I consider to be a scam. New readers should note, this was part of a series confined to a weekly Thursday post, and today this series ends as my intent is to provide a variety of articles [...]

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