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The 30-Year Forecast

A recent Forbes article led me to the author’s company site Portfolio Solutions. There I found an article The Portfolio Solutions 30-Year Market Forecast. The author presents a bit of an explanation of the relationship between risk and reward, and then we are presented a thirty year projection. Before sharing a few highlights, I’d like [...]

Investment: Managed Funds or DIY

Today, I’m happy to offer a guest post from Alban: Wherever possible we all like to avoid paying someone to do something, which we could just as easily have done ourselves. However, too often you find that you thought you could do without paying an expert for their help, only to realize that the task [...]

A Boxing Day Roundup

Bet you thought today was going to be a “Post Christmas Roundup.” Well, my good friends to the north are celebrating Boxing Day today, and it’s a holiday in its own right. I just found a deal, Coinstar with give you a $10 bonus gift card when converting $40 in coin to one of the [...]

Do Dividends Matter?

It seems this is not such a simple question. What do you prefer, a stock that grows, long term, doubling in price every 7 years or so (this is an average 10% annual return) or one that grows more slowly, say at 5% per year, but offers a 5% dividend? I’ve seen arguments on both [...]

Pay the Mortgage Early or Save?

For some people, getting rid of their mortgage is their top priority. After all, it’s by far the largest personal debt one is likely to ever owe, and having no mortgage will free up a nice chunk of that monthly income. That’s why we don’t just pay it off, we burn the mortgage paperwork when [...]

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