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A Spring Has Sprung Roundup

It hit 70F this week and if that doesn’t say Spring, I don’t know what will. photo credit: Kuzeytac Another great week of financial reading, let’s start with Frugal Zeitgeist’s Realizing The Frugal Monster You Have Become! An interesting look at how frugal becomes a habit to some of us, along with a tongue in [...]

Superbowl Sunday Roundup

While you’re waiting for the game to begin later today, why not enjoy some good personal financial reading from my fellow bloggers? Money Help For Christians started the week for me with 10 Tips For Knowing When To Refinance A Mortgage (with Free Mortgage Refinance Worksheet). Some basic, but important advice you should read if [...]

The Naughty Double Ohs

It’s tough to look back, almost painful for many. I’d be curious to see detailed data of how people’s wealth was impacted. Of course, with two crashes, there were two chances to bail at a relative bottom, and call it quits. Looking just at the S&P spider index, ticker SPY, we ended the decade at [...]

Frugal Friday Week 31

When we talk about frugality, the easy targets come to mind, eating out, buying the $5 latte, spending on clothes, etc. All good places to look to save, but today, I’ll discuss one that’s often overlooked. Investment expenses. The annual expenses for mutual funds run from about .2% to as high as 2% depending on [...]

A Sunday PF Blogger’s Roundup

Let’s start this week with Nicole at Rainy Day Saver wrote Paying Down the Mortgage: Another View and shared her view which is that she’s prefer to take the fixed 5% return offered by paying the mortgage off more quickly than taking the risk of investing it in the stock market. It’s a rational choice, [...]

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