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A New Year’s Resolution Roundup Part Two

Last week, I found I had such a great selection of New Year Resolution blog posts, that I was unable to narrow it down to a list short enough to share in one post here. So let’s get going with the rest…. Jim Wang at Bargaineering plans to invest half of his emergency fund account [...]

A New Year’s Resolution Roundup Part One

Yesterday, I posted my own goals for the year 2010. Pronounced ‘twenty-ten’, or better still just ‘ten,’ not like someone will ask what century you’re talking about. Today, I’d like to share some goals or resolutions, if you must, of some of my fellow PF bloggers. (This dollar is not photoshopped. I got it while [...]


On March 13th (a Friday) I posted “Have We Hit Bottom?” and it seems we did. While the return on the S&P since then, a 49% rise from 750.74 to its 1220.59 close last night. But if we learned anything from the tech crash, it’s that not every company goes bankrupt after a major decline, [...]

This Week’s Financial Roundup

Kelly at The Centsible Life wrote about America’s cutest tax deduction & year end tax tips for parents from Turbo Tax. As a mom of four, I’m sure she’s an expert on the topic. A good list of tax related issues parents should be aware of for their kid’s fiscal well being. Sherri at Serene [...]

Two Good Roth Moves

I’m afraid that my recent posts (and tweets for that matter) have given the impression that I am, for whatever reason, anti-Roth. Nothing could be further than the truth. I seek to keep an open mind, understand the numbers, and help others to better use the right account at different stages of their lives. Tonight [...]

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