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The Next Next iPad?

This week, Apple introduced the next generation iPad. It added some incremental features including Retina Display (this references the fact that your eye can only distinguish a certain pixel density, any higher densities are unnoticed) as well as LTE connectivity. Unfortunately, no Siri on iPad just yet. A perhaps minor twist to this story, is [...]

Evernote on the iPad revisited

A few weeks back, I published “Evernote on the iPad”, in which I described a method to let you capture links or webs pages to Evernote on the iPad, as I saw no “save to Evernote” option. A fellow iPad fan set me straight, there’s a better way, much better in fact. Let’s start by [...]

Evernote on the iPad

Note – a kind reader gave me a better recommendation to use Evernote on the iPad and the advice now appears in a new article Evernote on the iPad Revisited. My regular readers will know that I’m a Mac user (a fan but not a fanboy) and lately, an avid user of the Evernote application. [...]

Introducing the iPad

If you don’t know by now, I am a Mac fan. I don’t know where one draws the line between a happy user and a fan-boy, but I probably straddle that line. My current desktop Mac is 8 years old (an MDD G4) so I’m not camping over night to get the latest invention. I [...]