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Leaving a Job? What to do with your 401(k)

I was listening to my local news station when a segment came on, a 5 minute bit of money advice with a local author and financial planner, Jonathan Pond. I like his conservative approach. What’s unfortunate is that a quick few minutes to discuss any financial topic is going to miss some important details. In [...]

2014 Retirement Plan Limits

As exciting as the new tax table was for me, the retirement limit announcement produced a hollow thud. You see, for 2014, the 401(k), 403(b), 457, and Government TSP are all unchanged at $17,500 limit, with a $5,500 catch-up provision for those 50 and older. The IRA limit is also unchanged at $5,500 with a [...]

A Fall 2013 Roundup

A busy week, with some great articles to discuss. At Bargaineering, Miranda gave some guidelines on How to choose between a traditional 401(k) and a Roth 401(k). It takes a bit of math and analysis to calculate the better option, and Miranda’s advice helps provide some insight to this process. At Monevator, Why I’m not [...]

A Windfall Roundup

Let’s start this week with Andy Hough’s My Retirement Blog. Andy wrote why you should Take Advantage of a Stretch IRA, along with excellent examples of the kind of withdrawals required at various ages. The difference between taking the money and running and taking the deposits over the years can be huge. As long as [...]

A 2013 Tax Weekend Roundup

Let’s start this week with an exciting milestone in my life. My first radio interview has now made it to a Podcast. My daughter thinks this makes me famous, but I told her I’m famous only in my own mind. Last September, I attended the annual Financial Bloggers’ Conference, and one day at lunch I [...]

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