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Buying Life Insurance

A guest post today, from Crystal – A lot of things can affect your life insurance premiums. Your family health history, gender, age, and lifestyle choices can have an impact on the policies you are eligible for, and what you ultimately pay for them. Insurance laws and the rights of the insured vary from state to [...]

Term or Permanent Life Insurance?

This was the question I took a stab at on the American Express Currency Blog. My friend Kevin at Out of Your Rut put up a nice intro to this guest post: How much life insurance do you need? Have about eight to 10 times your gross income as a life-insurance death benefit. Your number [...]

A Bastille Day Roundup

You know that July 14th is Bastille Day, and by now, I imagine you’ve made some big plans. Me neither. I don’t know as much about history as I’d like to and everything I know about Bastille Day I either know from Les Miserables (The Broadway show, not the Book) or from the Rush song. [...]