Sep 11

There’s an expression, Low Hanging Fruit, which is a term commonly used in business to mean the simplest things one can do to achieve a goal. For a salesperson, it can mean the easiest sales he’s going to make. With that in mind, I’d like to offer what I view as the low hanging fruit for places to cut some expenses:
Coffee/drink habit – at the coffee shop, $3-$5/cup, the ground coffee Jane buys – 40 cents/cup, the brand I buy – 8 cents per cup.
(I applauded the misses for reducing her coffee vice cost by a factor of 10. She doesn’t need to drink the sludge I do.)
Home phone – You and your spouse have cell phones? Time to cut the land line. This can save $15-$35/mo depending on the service you’ve been paying for. (If you fell you still need a land line, why not try Magic Jack ($20/yr) or other VOIP service?
Cable TV – You really need those premium channels? You need cable at all? If you are in or near a large city, the OTA (over the air) selection of channels may be enough. If not, online streaming such as Hulu may fill the gap.
Bring lunch to work -This may be a tough one, if you are used to going out with coworking. But if you just eat at your desk or in the office lunchroom, there’s some money (and calories) you can save by brown bagging it.
Dry Cleaning – A reader tell me she saves about $15/week by forgoing dry cleaning. (thanks)

What simple things do you do that save you some money?


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