Mar 04

An article Arrested for breaking the law of large numbers caught my eye this week. Have you heard the financial talking heads go on about how large companies’ growth must slow due to the Law of Large Numbers? It’s a complete misuse of this phrase and this article does a great job to explain why.

As we get closer to tax day in the US, April 17th, it’s only appropriate to share Kay Bell’s Wild, wacky and illegal tax deductions. Now that Jane 2.0 (my daughter) has convinced us to buy a dog, it’s timely to find out he doesn’t come with a tax deduction for us. Too bad.

Nelson Smith guest posted at Canadian Finance Blog about The 9 Biggest Rip-Offs Ever. I don’t know if it should count as ‘biggest’ but I agree with Nelson that the movie popcorn is up there. I know what the signs say, but I still pack my own snack to go see a show on the big screen.

Reuters asked the rhetorical question, Who could be against Obama’s tax break on RMDs? Last month, congress was going to tinker with the beneficiary rules on IRAs (not good), but the 2013 budget had this buried perk in there.  Retirees with less than $75,000 in their IRAs might be able to void a required distribution.

Clever Dude wrote Don’t let your kids grow up to…work from home. An interesting take on why the office cube might be missed if you’re working from home.

My Friend Neal Frankle asks (and answers) Should You Create an IRA Trust? Of course, it depends. The trust is a great way to throttle the withdrawals if the beneficiary is bad with money, and an even better way to avoid the tragic mistakes an uninformed beneficiary can make.

At Couple Money, Elle explained the difference between Tax Brackets (Marginal Rate) and Effective Tax Rates. Many still don’t understand the difference, and Elle explains it in a way that should leave no doubt.

A personal note on today’s post title – a few weeks back, our daughter presented a Keynote Slide Show, multimedia style, on why she deserved a dog. Part of my agreeing to it was that she write a few posts for me, first describing her approach and, after we pick up the dog, an update on how the first weeks go. So, in few weeks, we will be a dog family. And I don’t even get a tax break for it.

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Jun 11

OMG! You graduated college. Congratulations! Last year I posted some advice that I heard Arnold Schwarzenegger at a commencement address he gave at USC.

This year, if you weren’t fortunate enough to have such a high profile speaker at your graduation, I’d like to step up and give you some advice of my own, guest posted at the TurboTax Blog, and titled New Grads: Four Tax Tips to Memorize Before Your New Job Starts.

Graduates of 2010, I wish you well.


(FTC disclaimer – This is where I’m supposed to tell readers if I was paid or compensated with anything of value for the reference to TurboTax. Nope. I actually do this for the sheer joy of helping people and sharing what i know. Although, a nice sweatshirt would be appreciated, x-large. Does the FTC give out t-shirts? You can send me one too)

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