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More Roth Lovin’

Back in July, I wrote a post “Loving That Roth” where I discussed why the Roth account was a great deal for a select portion of savers. I went on to discuss how few people could save their way into a higher tax bracket and that the use of a Roth 401(k) should be considered [...]

Phantom Tax Rates

Some time ago, in an article titled Social Insecurity, I wrote about what I call Phantom Tax Rates. To understand this, one first must understand what one’s Marginal Tax Rate is. A single person, after taking his exemption, and deductions, will pay 10% of the amount up to $16,050, then 15% from $16,050 to $65,100, [...]

Pre Tax vs Post Tax savings

For my first post of this year I wrote an article titled, “Can you save too much, pre-tax?” This is a topic that comes up frequently as one decides whether to choose a Traditional (pre-tax) IRA vs a Roth IRA. I recently had some dialog with another blogger and it’s clear to me that the [...]