Aug 27

I’ve been away for a bit, but still reading my fellow finance bloggers, so here’s my latest roundup of the ones that really impressed me –

Let’s start with The best mortgage term: 10 years at Preretired Nick makes a great case for what now appears to be an ultrashort term loan. You see, the 30 year loan wasn’t the mortgage of choice, not until after the Great Depression. But, let Nick share the details with you, it’s an insightful article.

At Mighty Bargain Hunter, John shared Soup to nuts: Preparing meals to save money, a discussion on how to reign in the cost of cooking. Given how food is such a large chunk of the typical budget, this is a great place to start.


Two class action suits came to my attention, one for Naked Juice, the other for Barbara’s Bakery. You don’t need any proof of purchase just yet, after all, who saves detailed store receipts, but you might in the future. We’ve used products from both companies, let’s see if they give us back a few dollars.

Barry Ritholtz shared his Favorite “Non-Boring” Business Books. I now have a number of new books to add to my reading list. Sometimes reading these books will help you avoid disastrous mistakes others have made. Better to learn from history than to repeat it.

Next, a Major life event update from Stephanie. She is a fellow Massachusetts-based blogger, and broke the news this week – She’s engaged.  I wish her well. Jane and I will soon celebrate our 19th anniversary, so despite all the divorce statistics, a marriage can last a long time. Good wishes to you, Stephanie, I’m looking forward to hearing about your big day.

We’ll wrap up the week with Len Penzo’s Why Pastry Chefs Are Financially Savvier Than The Common Man. I won’t even try to explain the connection, you’ll just have to read it for your self.

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