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What Wealth Transfer Looks Like

There’s been much discussion in the news recently regarding the minimum wage, currently $7.25, and the efforts to raise it to a level which would at least keep pace with inflation. You’ll hear nonsense that if the minimum wage is raised, jobs will be lost. After all, if you raise the cost of something, the [...]

Executive Compensation

This week, much of the focus of the political cartoons surrounded Santa and consumerism around the holidays. I’ll pass on that for now. For me, low wages are still an obsession. I’m not a fan of the Occupy movement, only because their message was too disjointed. But I do think the minimum wage needs to [...]

A Minimum Handout?

It seemed interesting timing that I caught this political cartoon soon after my article on the McDonald’s budget was written. For what it’s worth, I was in NY a couple weeks back and those asking for money are still happy to get a dollar bill.

The McDonald Budget

In February I asked is it Time to Raise The Minimum Wage? Recently, McDonald’s (yes, the purveyors of fine hamburgers) offered up a budgeting guide for its employees. It starts by assuming a second income. Which, in a sense, proves that minimum wage isn’t quite a living wage. I’m struggling with this budget, and trying [...]

Time to Raise The Minimum Wage?

President Obama recently called for an increase in the minimum wage, from the current $7.25 to $9.00 per hour. I found two charts to be of interest in furthering this discussion. First, the minimum wage as a percent of poverty level income. This graph helps illustrate how those earning only minimum wage have failed to [...]