Jul 19

Not a new post, I just can across Zen Habits’ The Cheapskate Guide: 50 Tips for Frugal Living. On any list this long of money saving ideas you are bound to come across at least a hendful that may not have occurred to you. If not, well, you may already be living the frugal life.

Kevin at No Debt Plan offers a way to not over pack for your next trip. Hint: It involves a bit of planning. Titled Create a Master Packing List for Travel, it’s one of those “hey, why didn’t I think of this?” ideas.

Flexo’s post at Consumerism Commentary, 10 Purchases That Can Harm Your Credit, raises new and troubling questions. It seems that credit card issuers can lower their opinion of you (read that, Raise your rate, and/or lower your credit) if you make certain purchases, such as purchases at the 99 cent store or Walmart when you are not already a regular there. The downshifting in spending destinations can make you look suddenly frugal. A sudden string of visits to the Spa/Salon can have the same effect, perhaps you’re going to relax from the stress of not being able to handle your debt in the first place. Further link chain leads to a Marketplace story Credit card use is ripe for data mining.

Next, Sheri from Serene Journey guest posted 40 Things To Teach My Kids Before They Leave Home at My Super-Charged Life. A mix of money related thoughts along with many good skills that everyone should know, this is a great candidate to add to my List of Lists.

Looking forward to another week of PF Blogging…..


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May 18

I’m a day late, intending to post this on Sunday, but as my regular readers know, a trip to California interrupted my posting. So a few links to share:

RateNerd posted “8 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score.” I’ve posted on FICO scoring in the past, and this list is an excellent recap of the ways to not screw up your score.

Moolanomy offered “How To Save Money – The 1,001 List Of Money Saving Tips And Ideas” a great compilation of money saving ideas, itself a set of links, a “list of lists.” If you skim though this article, and don’t come away with anything that you can use to save money in your own day to day spending, there may be no hope for you. Take a look, and let me know how his article helped you.

Peter at Bible Money Matters asked, “If You Were Strapped For Cash, How Far Would You Go To Make Money?” The question reminded me of Jean Valjean, the protagonist of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. Not that I’m so well, read, I saw the Broadway play some years ago. Either way, a thought provoking question.

And last, on Friday, I posted regarding my friend’s graduation. Arnold Schwarzenegger gave the commencement speach, and the L.A. Times printed a full transcript for those interested in seeing a different side of the Governor.


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