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Frugal Friday Week 19

Today, I’d like to offer some more frugal tips, random ideas to help you save some bucks. The Entertainment Book retails for $35, but is often available for half price. It’s a book full of coupons, regionally focused, targeting restaurants, entertainment and travel. You can easily save ten time the purchase cost by using this [...]

Great Reading This Past Week

Quite a few great reads to share with you this week. Let’s start with Jeff’s post at My Supercharged Life 25 Things Every Father Must Teach His Daughter About Life. I am a sucker for well created lists, and despite not being a financial one, this list will be added to my ongoing List of [...]

Past Week’s Reading

I’m a day late, intending to post this on Sunday, but as my regular readers know, a trip to California interrupted my posting. So a few links to share: RateNerd posted “8 Ways to Boost Your Credit Score.” I’ve posted on FICO scoring in the past, and this list is an excellent recap of the [...]