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A Quadradical Roundup

Anyone that starts their article with the Quadratic Equation certainly gets my attention. And I'm sure that was The Financial Buff, Harry Sit's goal with his post How Many People Contribute The Max to Their IRA. This was a roundup in its own right, and Harry shared what he read the prior week. At Generation [...]

A Summer 2012 Roundup

Happy Summer, if you are fellow Northern Hemispherian, else, if you are on the south side you're heading into winter, right? Me, I don't care for the hot weather, I'll take 40F over 90F any day, but I know most people life the warm weather, so I'll go along with it. I just caught an [...]

A Bull*** Roundup

This week, let's start the roundup with S*** is F***ed up and Bulls***. This not safe for work article (actually, just the full title is NSFW, the content is great) is by Sam at Financial Samurai. It's taken from the signs many of those Occupying Wall Street are holding. Unfortunately the occupiers aren't really good [...]

A Finish Line Roundup

This week, the roundup is a day late, but not a bit short of excellent writing as I am offering the best reading from my fellow Money Mavens this week. One more week until our tax return is due, heading to the 2010 finish line. At Wealth Pilgrim, Neal Frankle posted Need To Borrow Money? [...]

A Dog Eating Peanut Butter Roundup

Let's start with one list I couldn't overlook, 50 Best Finance-Related Movie Quotes of All Time. I'll share my favorite one: (From) The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) Martin Frohm: "What would you say if man walked in here with no shirt, and I hired him?" Christopher Gardner: "He must have had on some really nice [...]

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