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7 Websites to Track Your Finances

A guest post from Crystal – We live in an amazing era of unparalleled convenience, thanks to the Internet. With just a computer and a connection, you can correspond with someone on the other side of the globe, or buy groceries and have them delivered right to your doorstep. You can even pay your bills, [...]

PF Bloggers’ Weekly Roundup

There are times I sit back and am awestruck at how much there is to say about personal finance. I follow a few dozen PF bloggers, and week after week, they offer, as I try to, a new spin on every aspect of finance. I’m also reminded I need to keep updating my popular List [...]

Carnival Of Top PF Posts #7 – Some Runners Up

Yesterday, I launched the Carnival Of Top PF Posts #7 (Have you voted yet?) in which I offered my choices for the top six posts of the 50 submitted to the carnival. Here, I’d like to share a number of the posts that didn’t make the top six, both to offer these bloggers a bit [...]

Carnival Of Top PF Posts #7

I am honored to present this week’s Carnival of top PF (Personal Finance) posts. If I may say, “Wow!” There were 50 submissions, with only a handful of unrelated or spam, and only a couple that were too old to qualify. I must say that the choice to narrow down to the six finalists was [...]

Frugal Friday Pt 4

One thing that may stand out for you as you continue to track expenses is how much you spend at the supermarket. In a 2005 survey, the third quintile (those whose incomes were higher than the lower 40%, but below the top 60%) had a net income of $41,557. Of this number, $5295 was spent [...]

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