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A Boxing Day Roundup

Bet you thought today was going to be a “Post Christmas Roundup.” Well, my good friends to the north are celebrating Boxing Day today, and it’s a holiday in its own right. I just found a deal, Coinstar with give you a $10 bonus gift card when converting $40 in coin to one of the [...]

Another Sunday Personal Finance Roundup

Jason at Automatic Finances asks When Will You Have Enough? This brief post makes you think. About your quest for more and more stuff. When is enough, enough? A similar thought is raised in Money Help For Christians’ How Much Savings for Retirement is Enough? A bit of a different perspective, we’re offered a Bible [...]

A New Year’s Resolution Roundup Part Two

Last week, I found I had such a great selection of New Year Resolution blog posts, that I was unable to narrow it down to a list short enough to share in one post here. So let’s get going with the rest…. Jim Wang at Bargaineering plans to invest half of his emergency fund account [...]

A New Year’s Resolution Roundup Part One

Yesterday, I posted my own goals for the year 2010. Pronounced ‘twenty-ten’, or better still just ‘ten,’ not like someone will ask what century you’re talking about. Today, I’d like to share some goals or resolutions, if you must, of some of my fellow PF bloggers. (This dollar is not photoshopped. I got it while [...]