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Welcoming in the New Year

Looking forward to a new year, welcome to 2011. Joe

Wall Street Corruption

The treasury announced the release of a new $100 bill design, presumably to fight counterfeiting. But is that the biggest risk to our money?

A Real Disaster

Sometimes, unfortunately, it takes a real disaster to put certain things in perspective. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Haiti, and those with friends and family there.

The Decade With No Name

This decade managed to go ten years, feel much longer, provide no return in the financial markets, and go unnamed. Was it the “double ohs?” The “zeros”? The “naughts”? We weren’t making any money, you think we all could have gotten together and named this past decade. In 1972 (oh, crap, I’m quoting stuff from [...]

Happy Aniversary Sesame Street

40 years? Bert and Ernie haven’t aged a bit. Joe

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