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The Presidential Calendar

A tough week to chose my favorite political cartoon. Egypt still making the news, Trump considering an election bid, Huffington selling to AOL. All that and this one struck my fancy most.

Dennis Kneale Recovery

Dennis, like you, I believe a recovery is underway. From what I can tell, Q1 was the bottom, and we will see a rolling recovery. You know what that is, but I should tell my readers that’s it’s when the whole economy doesn’t recover at once, some sectors come out of the slump a bit [...]

The Mortgage Bailout

Details have been released on the proposed mortgage bailout. It appears that banks will be invited to lower the interest rate and/or the principal to get the borrower’s payment down to 31% of their income. This should result in a cost to the bank that’s less that that of foreclosure. In theory. Given that the [...]

President Obama’s Speech

as summarized in a word cloud, courtesy of wordle.net and the NY Times transcript: (note, you may click on it for a larger copy or to print.) This only gives a hint at the content of the speech, of course if you missed it live you should read a transcript of it when you have [...]

An Entertaining Presidential Campaign

And a political cartoon to sum it all up; Enjoy the weekend, Joe

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