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A Shocking Recovery?

The numbers are slowly (very slowly) starting to look a bit better. The recession ended some time ago, but are we finally going to see what looks like a real recovery?

A Slick Economic Recovery

The economy seems to be in a precarious state, I’m afraid. Oil just topped $100 per barrel and this can easily divert dollars from the spending it will take to help create jobs and help the recovery solidify. Not making a prediction, just an observation. Joe

Summer of Recovery?

The unemployment numbers still not good, and the V-shaped recovery is starting to look like something altogether different. Joe

Obama’s Roadblock

The recession is supposed to be behind us. Yet, it doesn’t quite feel like we a re in a recovery just yet, does it? I remember stagflation, that odd mix of unemployment and inflation, this sure isn’t it. Whatever we are in, we need to get out. Soon. Joe

The Recovery

The recovery certainly won’t impact all of us at once. Even at 4% unemployment, if you are one of the unemployed, a good economy doesn’t mean too much. Enjoy the weekend. Joe