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The 401(k) backlash

Recently I’ve read articles calling for either reform or dismantling of the retirement accounts known as 401(k). I understand Enough of human nature to know that in times when the market is shooting higher and higher there are those who will lobby for putting the Social Security Trust Fund into the stock market. Now that [...]

RMDs Suspended for 2009

Recently, legislation to suspend the rule for RMDs (Required Minimum Distributions) from retirement accounts for those over 70-1/2 was passed. The wording actually eliminated the penalty for those not making the withdrawal, effectively eliminating the requirement. One potential benefit of this change for 2009 is that one might consider converting this amount to their Roth [...]

401(k) vs IRA Deathmatch

I frequently field questions from people asking me to compare the use of a 401(k) account to an IRA, and I’ll discuss this a bit today. 401(k) No income limits to make deposits Company may offer matching up to some level (Usually) limited choice of investments Fees may be excessive $15,500 deposit limit ($20,500 if [...]

More Roth Lovin’

Back in July, I wrote a post “Loving That Roth” where I discussed why the Roth account was a great deal for a select portion of savers. I went on to discuss how few people could save their way into a higher tax bracket and that the use of a Roth 401(k) should be considered [...]

FDIC Scare You?

I’ve seen remarks across the blogosphere that the recent FDIC advertisements are a bad sign. I’m not convinced. I think there are many who have no idea how the FDIC protection works, what its limits are, and how to get more coverage. First, here is one of the ads they are running: The important thing [...]

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