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A 401(k) is not an investment

Have I lost my marbles? I hope not. Let me explain by starting with an analogy. There’s a difference between treasure and a treasure chest. It’s not just a pedantic picking apart of words. Not understanding the  distinction is costing people a lot of money. A 401(k) is a retirement account typically sponsored by an [...]

A 2013 Back to School Roundup

This week Len Penzo talked about fruit juice, unemployment, and asked that his readers Guess Which Stock Market Index Is Up 212% This Year. I wouldn’t have guessed right. Did you? At Financial Finesse I learned The 3 Most Important Words in Financial Planning. “Margin of Safety.” You see, we tend to miss on forecasts [...]

The benefits and risks of using rental property for a retirement asset

A guest post today – Investment dollars have been pouring into rental property over the last few years. Institutional investors have been big buyers of real estate to rent – finding the yields higher than elsewhere in the market and property prices reasonable following the recent housing crisis. The wide interest has been highlighted (or [...]

A Brazillion Roundup

Let’s start this week’s roundup with Ron’s post at The Wisdom Journal, Retirement Advice That Goes Against The Grain. Ron offers four tips, each of which, taken as a soundbite, sounds a little crazy. However, when you read Ron’s discussion of each bit of advice it paints a pretty sane picture of how to approach [...]

How the Wrong IRA Investments Can Cost an Extra 44% in Tax

A guest post today –  Let me introduce you to a simple concept, one that is overlooked by most IRA owners and unfortunately even many financial advisors.  Not all investments are taxed the same way by IRS.  Therefore, if you understand how different investments are taxed, you can use that information to pay the lowest [...]

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