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Retirement Savings Caps on the Way?

The news is out that President Obama is looking to introduce legislation to limit the value of retirement accounts to $3 million. So far, the claim is this targets IRAs, but it’s a simple matter for many of the big account holders to simply transfer from IRA to 401(k), so it would seem logical that [...]

Mom – You don’t itemize!

Note – this ‘letter’ is to my mother-in-law, whom I sometimes just call ‘mom,’ even though she’s fine with my using her first name. She’s a widow, and in her 80’s. Dear Mom, It’s no burden for me to do your taxes, in fact, I enjoy the process. After you and dad (who passed away [...]

A Thrift Shop Roundup

We’re going to start this week’s roundup with 10 Ways to Embrace the Frugal Life. A neat list by Money Infant, the hard core frugal among you probably do these things already. For the newly frugal, however, a great list to get you started. At Lazy Man and Money, Your 401K is Costing You $155,000!?!? [...]

A Post Nemo Roundup

We’ll start this week with Hank Coleman’s article at Money Q&A, Ten Ways To Break Your Texting While Driving Habit. Not strictly a finance discussion, Hank’s public service announce may save you from an untimely death. As much as I like to offer advice on will, trusts, and estate planning, I think avoiding death is [...]

Thoughts on Age Based Savings

Many articles have been written about the savings you need to have at different ages. In 2009, I wrote my own article Retirement Savings Ratio, which included a spreadsheet to track your own situation. Fidelity recently offered a chart which the New York Times picked up and ran as a story. What’s amazing to me [...]

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