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The Debate’s Only Winner?

The debate this week brought one important point to the public’s attention. That Romney would eliminate PBS funding. He made it clear, he’d fire Big Bird……

Asking The Question

I asked Romney The Question, myself, to no response. I doubt that he’ll listen to the next guy to ask him. But. If wherever Romney speaks, every city, every stop, the question is repeated, he’ll get the message. Maybe.

5 Years Returns, Sir!

This post appeared in my short-lived site Romneyomics.org. It existed because I was interested in an ongoing dialog of how Romney’s policies would affect the economy, combined with my belief that this man had nothing in common with the average American. An ongoing series of Romney posts at this site would have grown tedious, and [...]

Something Fishy about Bain

In March I wrote a piece titled The Domino Effect, how I thought Bain Capital wasn’t particularly good for capitalism. Shortly after, I hosted a guest post Why Private Equity Does What it Does, a well written opposing view on the matter. It seems the press and political cartoonists have jumped on the bandwagon, not [...]

Mitt’s Charitable Mood

If Romney is to stand a chance, he needs to start using a teleprompter or at least prepare a bit better. To be fair, the line “I like firing people” was taken out of context, the full speech discussed not being stuck with one particular health care provider, “firing” those who don’t offer good service. [...]

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