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Roth Conversion Fail

If you read any financial blogs or magazines, there’s no getting away from one topic. The Roth IRA, and the Roth conversion in particular. I continue to write about this because I think the choice isn’t always so clear cut. It’s rarely a “no-brainer” to convert and be certain it was the right decision. I [...]

A Roth Roundup

I’ve been reading and writing about Roth IRAs for some time now, and it’s time for a Roth Roundup, from both fellow bloggers and the usual sources. photo credit: therefromhere First, let’s start with How to Convert Traditional IRA to Roth, at 70½ a question posed at the Wall Street Journal. A fellow whose mom [...]

This Week’s Roundup

I must say, I enjoy the Sunday round-up posts. It keeps me open to new ideas and on the lookout for fresh blogs. I try to bookmark one or two articles each day and then on Saturday review my collection. Right until now I don’t know how many will past final edit. Let’s get started [...]

Traditional IRA day

Jeff Rose is a Certified Financial Planner who maintains a blog at Good Financial Cents. Jeff invited me to provide a regular guest post at his blog an I am honored to have the opportunity. The first of these posts Rules and Limits for the Traditional IRA is now up and I invite you to [...]

Bad Market = Good Time to Convert to Roth?

On an internet usenet group misc.invest.financial-plan, I recently commented on a question and I’d like to share this with my readers: Q: When the stock market is in the toilet, why don’t we hear more recommendations for converting traditional IRA’s to Roths? It’s the perfect time for it because it minimizes your taxes. A: Because [...]

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